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how I turn boring life into cash money

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

I thought it’d be fun to do a lil recap of some of the stories I’ve told in these emails.

Stories are your ultimate weapon with email.

They add authenticity to your emails.

They give you an endless fountain of ideas for email.


They “defuse” people’s natural reflexes against being sold to.

The last one is the most important.

People LOATHE being sold to.

But y’know what?

They love buying.

(weird, but true.)

And stories give your list an opportunity to buy. It’s a subtle difference, but will make you a helluva lot more cashola than nailing them over the head with sales pitch after sales pitch and discount on top of discount.

Alright, let’s see how I’ve turned some mundane life events into emails:





1. A client “testimonial” I got from us selling out of yet another suppliers’ inventory. Self-explanatory pitch here. (Read it here: Another email, another supplier hating my guts

2. A random, two-minute convo I had with some other freelancers about the benefit of freedom. And I morphed that into how us working together gives you more freedom (and moolah). (Read it here: Enslaving yourself and calling it a business)

3. Weird story about how my dog prefers his upstairs crate vs the bigger downstairs crate. Where I mentioned temptation and the importance of avoiding bad influences. (Read it here: why my dog’s a better copywriter than you)

4. A lesson about the power of storytelling from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. (Obvious pitch.) (Read it here: How to hypnotize your audience to your will)

5. Music I listen to because I was writing a sales letter for a client and needed to focus. (Read it here: You-have-no-choice-but-to-focus music)

6. A story about some bloke who told me I “got lucky” because he jumped on a call with me. (Read it here: “you got lucky”)

This one served two goals: The first… schedule a call. The second… Only book a call if you’re not like this jabroni.

7. How I “chewed out” a client, which shows people you’re getting more than just a copywriter. You’re getting a business partner if’n we team up. (Read it here: I just chewed out a client (kinda…)

8. One from Without A Paddle after me and my girl watched it — with the underlying lesson of “don’t waste your time” and how you’ll enjoy more free time if we join forces. (Read it here: Sage business advice from a burly cave dweller)

9. A story about a sales call where the prospect told me he hired an email marketing agency, and they made a whopping $200 per email to a list of at least 100,000 subscribers. (Read it here: email agency only lands $200 per email to massive list)

10. One about how I like reading fiction and how fiction improves your writing more than a copywriting course or book. (Read it here: fapping to fiction)

11. A story about how my grandparents’ sump pump broke, and I went over to help because I enjoy freedom as a freelancer. (And, how you can too if we work together.) (Read it here: freeeeeeeeedom)

12. One about a random tweet I saw about someone shytting on ghostwriters. And how email ghostwriters beat Twitter ghostwriters when it comes to authenticity. (Read it here: does ghostwriting “water down” your authenticity?)

13. I wrote an email about Shrek — and how his anti-neediness landed him a girl out of his league. (Read it here: Shrek’s advice for freelancers and biz owners)

14. One about how I had to shovel snow and how it ignited my motivation. (Read it here: how shoveling snow makes you a better email copywriter)

15. And an email about how a product launch campaign I ran generated 273 conversions and a nice lil $50,045.58 in revenue with only 3 emails. Best part? I wrote this in an hour while on a road trip. (Read it here: 3 emails, 273 conversions, and $50,045.58 in new rev)

And, of course, the story about the schoolgirl Twitter drama I sent you yesterday.

I can go on and on.

But if I can write an email about shoveling snow, you can write an email about anything that happens in your life.

Wait too long in line at Starbucks? Turn it into a story.

Car breaks down? Make it a story.

Watch a movie? Yup, you can turn that into a story too.

Such is the power of email.

Anyway, wanna make more money with “boring” stories like these without lifting a finger?

If’n you have a proven offer and a list, there ain’t a limit to what we can create (and make).

Everyone else?

I’ll send you a fat 50% commission for any referral you send me if you join my email list.

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