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3 emails, 273 conversions, and $50,045.58 in new rev

Updated: May 6, 2022

Coupla days ago, I told you about how I was traveling down I-95 South on my way for a camping trip in Florida.

And in the P.S., I mentioned how earlier in the day (before leaving from Savannah and finishing the last leg to Florida) I wrote a quick 3-email product launch sequence for one of my clients.

Well, the results are in:

In total, it only took me a little over an hour to write these 3 emails.

I thought this campaign would bring in at least $20k in new revenue for his store.

Welp, turns out, I low-balled this “estimate” quite a bit.

By how much?


(If I punched in the correct numbers into my trusty percentage calculator.)

In fact, the first email in this campaign did over $21k in revenue by its-damn-self!

Checky the results:

So how did I do it?

I “followed” the product launch formula I revealed in my book.

But with a twist because I was low on time:

I only wrote 3 emails.


Well, there’s the time factor I just mentioned. I needed to finish other work and didn’t want to spend all my traveling time working.

But that’s not the only reason:

This product already has brand loyalists. It’s a new, topical version of an already insanely popular product in our store. Meaning, it didn’t need as much “persuasion jiu-jitsu” as other, less proven products. (Lesson in there… And one of the reasons methinks the ol’ saying “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” exists.)

Not to mention, I’ve been working with this client for two-and-a-half years. And I’ve developed a helluva KLT (Know, Like, Trust) factor with our audience by sending them consistent, informative (like predicting covid back in December 2019), and entertaining emails.

I remember when we started working together we’d both jump through the roof and do a dance over Zoom if an email made $2,000.

Nowdays, it’s almost hard not to clear $10k every time we hit send. And $20k for pressing the send button is becoming the new norm. (A much better one than the whole Great Reset, post-covid, on the verge of WW3 new norm most people worry about, if I might add.)

Stay with me for a second while I brag a bit more…

I implemented a sneaky little automation for this client too when anyone orders these red-hot products. It’s just one quick lil email. And, in fact, it’s more of a warning than a sales pitch or upsell.

This hidden lil email I’ve never heard any email copywriter talk about generated $108,836.81 as I write this.

Best part?

Only 3,852 people received it.

Consistency in email marketing is a mf cheat code. Especially compared to ads, where you burn out your audience much faster in my biased and somewhat-ignorant-yet-probably-right opinion.

Anyway, I expect this number to grow even higher over the next couple o’ days as more people decide to try it. These delayed purchases aren’t out of the norm.

If you need help launching new products and overflowing your bank account with sweet moolah, then grab a time with me here and let’s talk.

But you must have a proven offer already (and an engaged list).

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