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Sage business advice from a burly cave dweller

“You can lose your money. You can spend all of it, and if you work hard, you get it all back. But if you waste your time, you're never gonna get it back.”

— Del Knox, Without A Paddle

I watched Without A Paddle the other day. It’s a silly movie about a group of friends adventuring for DB Cooper’s lost treasure.

As they get closer to his treasure, they come across Del Knox, a cave dweller who has spent the last 30 years living in a cabin. Turns out, he was DB’s best friend and in on their plan to steal a bunch of money.

But DB Cooper didn't land in the spot they planned. And Del Knox waited—for 30 mf years, mind you—to leave his cabin.

He was a complete recluse.

But he had some sage business advice.

When the boys are trading stories with Del Knox, that’s when he enlightens them with the quote I started this diddy off with.

And you know what?

Del’s right.

What are you wasting your time on?

Turns out, the boys find DB Cooper’s body (which seemed a few steps away from Del’s cabin LOL).

And they also find his treasure:

But DB Cooper burned it.


He went through a hole when he landed, likely broke his legs, buried himself under a bunch of snow, and had to burn his treasure for warmth.

How are you doing that in your business?

Are you sacrificing your time on this planet to make money?

I get it. I am too. We all are.

But often, we waste so much time and steal everything good about life from ourselves.

It’s an insidious approach to life.

Because you can always make more money.

You can never make more time.

What are you wasting your time on?

Many of my clients wasted their time on trying to write profitable, brand-building emails.

Now, they don’t have to worry about emails.

Instead, they get to focus on other areas of their business, spending time with family, playing golf, lifting heavy, or whatever else they want to do.

In fact, one of my clients just had a grandson and flew across the country to see his birth. (Which has been, by far, my favorite “client win” story.)

And you know what?

You can do the same…

If you want to double, triple, or even quadruple your email revenue without lifting a finger, I can help.

We might not be able to print more time … but this is the second closest thing.

You don’t have to slave over email concepts, ideas, designs, or strategy. And at the same time, you watch your income tick up and up and up.

Time will always be your most valuable asset.

Use it wisely.

If’n you need help with your emails, hit reply and let’s chat.

Together, we’ll print more money for your business and time for your person.

But you must have a proven offer and an email list. Or I won’t be able to help much.

If you don’t have a proven offer or email list, I’ll give you a one-time 50% commission for any referral you send me.

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