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“you got lucky”

Funny story today:

A few days back, I hopped on a call with a potential client.

One of the first questions I ask on sales calls goes like this:

“What motivated you to hop on a call with me today?”

Usually, people will say something like they want to make more money from their emails.

But this bloke?

He said (paraphrasing):

“Uh, idk I guess you got lucky.”

Maaaaaaaaaaaajor red flag.

Then he went on to say something about doing more split tests (???).

My response?

I don’t consider myself “lucky” for the privilege of you wasting my time.

(Okay, I didn’t say that exactly, but I should’ve.)

We chatted for a few more minutes and agreed to hang up.

Truth be told… I still don’t know why he wanted to hop on a call.

Here’s why I bring it up:

If you’re interested in booking a call with me by replying to one of these emails, have a reason for booking a call. I’m not in the wasting time bidness.

Your reason could be just about anything else like…

* Wanting to make more cashola every time we hit “send.”

* Not having the time to write emails or develop a strategy.

* Helping you have a 6-figure product launch.

* Creating a rabid fan base who devour everything you promote.

The list goes on…

And if you’re a freelancer?

Ask that question at the beginning of your sales calls to snuff out time vampires before you have a lengthy sales call with them.

That’s all I have today.

Grab a time on my calendar (here) if you have a proven offer, a list, and don’t wanna work to make more moolah with email.

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