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Few weeks back, the sump pump at my grandparents house broke.

They woke up one morning and found their basement flooded.

And, had to spend about $10k to redo their carpeting, repaint their walls, and move new furniture into their basement.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to, mf, that’s why.

Jokes aside:

I had to help them move their furniture around.

And it made me grateful that I have my own business.

Here’s the story:

This all happened on a Friday morning.

I got a call from my grandpa that he needed my help.

So what did I do?

I dropped everything and went over to help.

We worked from 10 am until about 12:30 pm moving furniture around.

And, this is an example of something I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had a J-O-B.

I would’ve been stuck at work, unable to help.

And that wouldn’t have been fair to my grandparents.

They came to every sports game I played when I grew up. And I had a different game almost every day because I played football, basketball, and baseball.

They came to a decent amount of shows when I was in a band that played 2-3 times every weekend.

They’ve always been available when I needed them, with no questions asked. There was a time when “high school me” needed Triple AAA and my grandpa came so I could get my car towed.

It was just one of those “epiphany moments” when I realized I made the right decision by quitting my cushy job 2.5 years ago to start my own thang.

Plus, it reminded me that there are some things more important than biz:


Anyway, none of my clients freaked out. None of them even knew I disappeared for 2.5 hours during the week.

And here’s why it matters to you:

When you hire someone to run your email marketing, you can enjoy the same level of freedom too.

Have a family emergency come up?

Don’t worry, we can still send emails and make money. (Heck, we can even write an email about the situation, like I did here.)

Wanna travel the world for a month straight?

Go ahead. I’ll keep your emails running like a printing press.

Just don’t feel like working?

Doesn't matter. Our ship is still headed towards the Brinks truck.

Anyway, I started this biz for the freedom I enjoy.

And besides sticking it to the “man,” freedom is the most popular reason for starting a biz.

So if you ain’t free with your own biz?

I can help.

All you need is a proven offer and an email list.

You have both of those? Grab a time on my schedule that works for you here.

We’ll start printing money and printing freedom together. So you can enjoy the more important parts of life, like your family.

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