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Enslaving yourself and calling it a business

There’s a common trap that many and many-a freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even some intrapreneurs fall into:

Enslaving themselves and calling it a business.

I fell into this trap myself. In fact, it’s almost a prerequisite when you’re starting your business. Without kidnapping yourself, locking yourself into a room, and forcing yourself (against your will even) to make shyt happen, your chances of succeeding in biz are slim to none.


This ain’t sustainable.

It’s the classic, “what got you to where you are won’t get you to where you wanna to go” cliche you’ll hear on any business or success podcast.

And cliche or not, ‘tis true.

Whatever you did to get your business and income to the level you’re at today WILL NOT get you to your next phase of your business.

Startups must hire and empower more employees, so their owners can work more on the business instead of in the business. A subtle, but oh-so-powerful lesson.

Freelancers must take time off and flex their “freedom muscles” as early as possible. Otherwise, they’ll realize after 6, 9, or 12 months that they don’t have a business, they have a job. And it’s a job where they work for a complete psychopath (i.e. themselves).

People who run a service-based business must automate as much as possible and create new sources of more passive income. You only have the same 24 hours in your day as everyone else on the planet.

But most people don’t do this early enough (a younger version of myself included).

Startups think employees cost too much, so they pull 18-hour days like clockwork and try to keep their sinking ship from going belly up.

Freelancers don’t invest in help—whether from a VA, agency, or even with automations—so they can steal back more time.

And service providers don’t create products that can help them make money in their sleep — rather than showing up in person (or via Zoom) to provide their service.

Here’s why I bring it up:

The other day I was in a mastermind with other freelancers.

And we all agreed on the following point:

You must practice freedom.

I’ve been on more vacations than I can count, ironically enough, since 2020. Some business, most pleasure.

But before 2020?

Taking a vacation during the week terrified me.

I thought I’d lose all my clients. Or they’d have immediate fires that I wouldn’t be able to help with. And a bunch of other head trash that enslaved me to my business.

Are you doing the same with your business?

There’s a good chance you are, especially if you’re “green.”

So take my warning and heed my advice.

And let me repeat one last thang before I sign off:

What got you to where you are today won’t get you to where you wanna go.

You must try different things. Some will work. Some won’t. Both results are better than doing the same old thing you’ve been doing, not realizing you’re a slave to your business.


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