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fapping to fiction

One thang I’ve been doing recently that I haven’t done in too many years prior:

fapping to fiction

Got all the 50 Shades of Gray books and I’m going hammmmmmm

Okay, not really.

But I have been reading a lot more fiction than any other time in my life since I was in school. And I just spent $150 at Barnes and Noble where I only purchased fiction books.

Mayhap you noticed some different “seasonings” in my words:

I stole words like “mayhap,” “transmogrify,” “goan,” and a few others I can’t think of right now from Stephen King himself in his Dark Tower series.

I’ve also “swiped” his flair of italicizing certain words for emphasis.

But the best thang I ransacked from Stephen King?

His world-building abilities.


While I’m far from a fiction expert, I’ve picked up a few things from reading King’s The Dark tower series.

And mesuspects this applies to other fiction books I have in my stack:

Fiction writers bring readers into their world.

You read words they write, and your brain creates images of what’s happening. Like taking psychedelics.

And this is a powerful skill for copywriters.

You always want to bring readers into your world. Instead of having to enter theirs.

It's much more complex than I’m describing here. The best source of this “bring readers into your world” idea is Ben Settle’s Email Players newsletter. Alas, he doesn’t slang his back issues often, so if you weren’t subscribed to Email Players months ago, you’re shyt outta luck, cully.

(How’s that for another Stephen King word?)

But since you cannot learn from the master himself, here’s the next best thing you can do (besides tuning into these daily emails, that is, and that is the truth):

I recently discovered Throssell’s work.

And it was kinda like rediscovering Ben Settle. (Not style-wise, but in a holy-mf-shyt-youre-damn-good-at-what-you-do-mate way.)


Throssell is one of the best visual copywriters I’ve come across.

He snatches up your soul, locks you in his chambers, and forces you to do his bidding.

So go head, sign up for his list right now.

Here’s where you can do it:

I’ll wait here until you’re done.

Did you do it?

Did you *really* do it? I’m still waiting, so I am.

Did you make sure you double opt-in for his list?


Well, go do it mf.

Okay, didja do it?


And did you tell him John Brandt sent ya?

I sure hope so. If not, shame on you. But here's your last chance:

Because he will show you to merge fiction with copywriting in a way I’m only starting to understand.

(Also, I’ll probably have a “bribe” at some point for subscribing to Throssell’s list. Alas, I have nothing right now to offer. But if you sign up now, I owe you one. And when I do have a bribe to convince others to join Throssell’s list, I’ll send it to you too, cully. So let me know if you've 1. signed up for his list and 2. told him I sent you.)

Back to fapping to fiction:

I’ve noticed my copy has become more visual since I started reading more fiction.

I’m able to describe pain, emotions, and suffering with more visual language, which instantly makes it more persuasive.

I’m better at setting the stage for my emails, which has been particularly helpful with testimonial-based emails I’m writing for my clients.

And I’m having more fun while I do it.

One last point before I dip:

This talk of visual language reminds me of something the late, great Jim Camp said:

“Vision drives decision.”


The more visual your copy is… the more “mind pictures” it creates in your readers head… the more they “see” themselves with your product or service (or mayhap the consequences of *not* having your products or services)... the more likely they are to buy.

The more money hits your bank account.

And the more people you can help.

Moral of the story?

Read more fiction.

Sign up for Throssell’s list here. (Mwahahaha I lied. But this was an ethical lie thay you'll thank me for if you abide by my laws and sign up.)

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