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how shoveling snow makes you a better email copywriter

Got a weird little tip for you today, whether you live in an area where snow falls or not.

Here goes:

I have a bunch of “errands” to run today. My girlfriend and I need to visit the local farm to get a few (aka 6) bottles of local, raw honey. We need a few thangs from the grocery store. We’re going to the bookstore today, so I can pick up a new Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling’s pen name) book, and anything else that tickles me pickle. My little cousin has a softball game we’re going to. And I need to do a 45-minute mobility session in the gym.

Here's why I bore you with my day:

I have a long day ahead of me. And when I woke up, snow covered my driveway again — for the second day in a row.

As someone who hates driving on an unshoveled, snowy driveway, this leaped to the top of my errand-filled to-do list.

Truth be told…

I wasn't even planning on writing an email today. I’m way ahead of when I write these emails to where you read them. Which means, I have at least a week’s worth of “wiggle room” if I don’t feel like writing an email.

Today was one of those days.

But that all changed when I laced up my Doc Martens boots, threw on my shoveling gear, and grabbed my shovel.

Shoveling only took 30 minutes (or less).

But it made me think of this email idea you’re reading right now. The thought crossed my head while I was shoveling. And now, I’m sipping on a warm cup of black coffee and writing this here email before starting my errands.

Here’s the point I want you to drill into your psyche:

You won’t always feel like working.

And that’s okay.

If you own your own business—either as a freelancer or otherwise—then you have as much liberty to work (or not work) as your lil heart desires.

But heed this:

Sometimes you have a shyt reason not to work. Maybe you’re not in the mood. Maybe you have a buncha other obligations throughout the day. Maybe you’re hungover. Or maybe there’s another reason I’m not mentioning here.

But here’s the thing:

Sometimes you don’t feel like working, but you need to work. A deadline might loom over your head or something.

Here’s what you do when this happens (and why shoveling snow makes you a better copywriter):

Do one small thing.

It could be anything. And bonus points if it’s a more mundane thang which requires less brain power or creativity.

Some examples:

* Shoveling your driveway

* Cutting your grass

* Washing your dishes

* Taking a quick lap around the block

* Organizing your room

And even making your bed.

Of course, there are several other examples, and my list above is by no means exhaustive.

But here’s what it does:

Doing these small, mundane tasks refills your motivation tank. It builds momentum. And even a lil momentum suffices for getting you through your next task. You stack up a pint-sized win, your brain gets a small rush of endorphins, and your next task feels easier than it had just 5 minutes ago.

Do this all day and before you know it, you’ve had a productive day.

And you know what?

It’ll be much easier than you anticipated.

It’s taken me about 8 minutes to write this email up to this point.

I have other email ideas in my notes folder on my iPhone. But many of these ideas require at least 20 minutes of writing for whatever reason.

This email though?

8 minutes.

Not too shabby.

And the only reason I thought of this idea was because I woke up, laced up my Doc Martens, and grabbed my shovel.

Apply this to any area of your life and prosper.


Alright, let's buckle down into bidness…

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