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Another email, another supplier hating my guts

My clients’ suppliers must hate my guts.

I mean…

I write a couple of emails.

And we sell out.

Sure, I bet they welcome the sales with open arms.

But secretly?

They probably hate my guts lol.

Check out this doozy:

“We drained most of their inventory.”

Which ain’t easy considering there were 15 products in total.

In fact, I’m in the process of writing more emails about these products.

But now I have to wait a week until we send them out.

Anyway, these are good problems to have in your business.

If you want to replace your “lack-of-sales-from-email” problem with a “too-many-sales-from-email” problem, book a call.

If you have a proven offer and decent list, we might be able to do something similar for your biz.

Everyone else reading this?

Use the picture above to refer new clients to me. I’ll give you a fat, 50% commission for each new client you send my way if you're on my email list.

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