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Sometimes music is all you need

I woke up today and found my creative juices were a little dusty. 

No reason why. 

Mayhap I didn’t sleep as well as I thought? 

Mayhap karma is coming back with a vengeance after calling out the literal author of Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin) in yesterday’s email. 

Mayhap I don’t want to work on a few of the writing projects I have lined up for myself today. 

Well as a professional writer, unlike the aforementioned George R.R. Martin, simply writing the day off because a little bit of writer’s block showed up ain’t gonna cut it. 

And so, I’m gonna share a secret with you about how I overcome writer’s block when having enough ingredients isn’t the problem… 

(If you don’t catch the reference there, I once asked the great Sean D'Souza how to overcome writer’s block, to which he told me that chef’s don’t get “chef’s block,” they simply lack ingredients. And so it is with writing.) 


This isn’t so much about writer’s block as it is about lacking the creativity or motivation to just get started on whatever project is next on your to-do list. 

I felt this today, so here’s what I did:

I took a shower in the middle of work to sort of “shock” my system.

Then I went to my trusty app (which if you enjoy jam bands like I do, they have a ton of live performances you can listen to—an especially underrated trick because jam bands don’t sing as much as your average band), searched for a show I wanted to listen to, annnnnnnd


Words start flowing out of my fingertips like water does a river. 

Sometimes music is all you need to overcome weird glitches to your routine. 

(Someone should tell one George R.R. Martin this.) 

Best part? 

This applies to all creative pursuits, not just writing copy. 


If you’re not making at least 30% of your revenue from email, let’s chat. 

Hit reply so we can book a time together. 


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