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Is it impossible to make 75k a year?

I saw a sad Reddit post recently from a guy in his thirties working in inbound sales at a call center who cannot break past making 50 racks a year.

He thinks making 75 racks is downright impossible. 

But his approach to trying to make more money is as naive as the companies who don’t want to send too many emails because they’re scared the literal worst people on their list will unsubscribe. 

Here’s what I mean:

This guy is stuck in the defeated mindset that a college degree and a good resume is the key to making more, instead of actually leveling up his skill set. It’s no different from companies who think the key to making more is building up their social media followers instead of focusing on the fundamentals: Create good offers and promote them in your emails. 

This guy mentions in his post that he’s redone his resume numerous times. He spends hours, it seems, on LinkedIn sending recruiters his updated resume. He’s terrified to go back to school because he doesn’t want to rack up more debt (and doesn’t realize that experience is better than a degree). 

And yet… 

Becoming a better salesman, learning a complementary skill, or even trying to build his network are things that have never crossed his mind. 

I don’t know who needs to hear this but…

A college degree and an updated resume ain’t the keys to getting a better paying job. 

In fact, I don’t have either. 

I dropped out many moons ago, then I landed a gig in marketing. Why? Because I studied marketing and worked for a lower rate that gave me the confidence I needed to take my career in my own hands. 

Despite my only having one “real” job ever, I’ve never used or even created a resume before either. I didn’t even have a website when I started freelancing—which is another mindless mistake folks make. 

Worst part? 

He doesn’t realize that having sales skills is one of the most sought after skills you can have in the world o’ bizness. 

The point of this email? 

Well, most people approach business and life itself in an back-asswards way. 

You don’t need a website, logo, or LLC to start a business the same way you don’t need a resume and a college degree to get a job you want (outside of the few career choices that literally require a college degree). 

But people would rather have a “woe-is-me” attitude so they have an excuse to complain instead of mustering up even the slightest bit of creativity to accomplish their mild goals. 75k is a decent living, but it ain’t nothing to write home about. And thinking it’s downright impossible only means that it is impossible. For you, at least. It reminds me of one of those stupid school posters: 

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” 

As stupid as that sounds as a platitude, there’s more than a few grains of truth innit. 

Often, the biggest ceiling on your career or business is the one you put over yourself. 


The good news here is, if you have a business, I have an uncanny ability to help you get out of your own way, so you can make the money you actually deserve, not the lesser amount you’re making now. 

Of course, I do this through email. But I’ve also had to give my clients reality checks every so often too. 

Wanna see how much revenue your brand can make when you get out of your own way and I optimize and implement a proper email marketing strategy? 

Hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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