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Now THIS is how you provide real value

One of the biggest criticisms I have of the social media circle jerk influencers is that they scream value to their followers, but when you take a peek inside their business, their idea of “providing value” started and stopped with a tweet. 

My lead gen agency shenanigans are just one of hundreds of thousands of examples. 

In fact, the companies who actually provide the most value aren’t, funnily enough, into the hobby of screeching “provide value” to their moronic followers on X. 

(Wow, is this the first time I’ve properly referred to Twitter as X? Will I use Twitter in the future or will it be X from here on aht? Better keep opening my daily musings to see how this storyline develops.) 

Take FanDuel for example, the sports betting app. 

Full disclosure, I don’t think I follow FanDuel on X (he did it again!), so it’s possible they’re also into the hobby of screeching “provide value” on X. But I don’t think so, as they provide their fans more value—and more importantly, their business more revenue—by not tweeting out real barrel of the bucket stuff like this. 

Anywho, every marketer should study how they provide value. 


Well, check out this new discovery I made after making a few sports bets:

Whenever you place a bet on FanDuel, they give you the option to stream the game or match you betted on—entirely for free, besides the bet you placed—for as long as your bet is active. 

That’s. How. You. Provide. Value. 

Notice how their version of providing value means serving their clients, not getting a bunch of likes on social media. 

But there’s a major problem with this approach to providing value: 

It requires you to use your brain, instead of tweeting a mindless “have you thought of providing value yet?”.

(These dudes remind me of Rick’s alien intern who asked everyone if they wanted to build an app…) 

And alas, usually thinking is where the social media circle jerker ends his day. 

Moral of the story? 

Providing value means more than tweeting it on X… 

Than cooking up a 100-page ebook nobody will ever read… 

Or using your emails to not sell, even though the quickest and most effective way you could provide value to your audience is by selling to them ruthlessly. 

If you need help not only providing your email list with more value, but making more revenue while you do it, hit reply and let’s chat. 


(Is that a, checks note open LOOp in his name…? Why is the O capitalized? Guess you’ll have to tune back in tomorrow.)

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