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How to attract women, wealth, and success like a private detective

Here’s an excerpt from Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep that will teach you more about business, life, and relationships than mayhap any book published this side of 1940:

(This happens just moments after private detective Philip Marlowe meets one of his client’s daughters, Mrs. Regan.) 


“So you’re a private detective,” she said. “I didn’t know they really existed, except in books. Or else they were greasy little men snooping around hotels.” 

There was nothing in that for me, so I let it drift with the current.


Ah, just beautiful. 

But why, you ask? 


In that moment, because of nothing else other than Marlowe’s refusal to talk, he became the most attractive man Mrs. Regan had ever laid her eyes on. She wasn’t used to people not fawning over her. His lack of rebuttal and unwillingness to engage in this idle chatter made him mysterious and sexy. 

Now what does this have to do with business? 


The reason Marlowe instantly became mysterious, sexy, and attractive within minutes of meeting Mrs. Regan (and without having any sort of high positioning from his job title—she didn’t even know private detectives were real outside of books) was because he was ruthlessly anti-needy. 

And that is the best business, life, and relationship “secret” I can impress in your head. 

Compare it to your average incel on Instagram commenting under every scandalous post from the fairer sex with the heart eyes emoji. Or the dude who sends good morning texts to his crush every day. Or even the salesperson who feels like he has to respond to everything the prospect brings up, losing the sale when he had won it if he had just shut up. 

The three examples above have a common thread:

Neediness - the single most repulsive trait you can have that works against every single one of your goals. 


Brands display their neediness in their email marketing campaigns too which sabotages sales and sends eager buyers to their competitors instead. 

If you’d like to root out this neediness and design an email strategy that turns leads into customers, customers into loyalists, and sends needy customers (who could ruin the collective hive mind of your customer list) packing, hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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