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another trip, another boom in business?

I leave for a week-long family vacation to Florida tomorrow—at the time of writing this sucker.

And it’s another opportunity to test my wild hypothesis:

Every vacation or trip I go on, I come back to a bigger and healthier business.

This has been true dating back as far as I can remember. And while it sounds completely asinine on its face, I’m not one to argue with cold, raw data.

In fact, I had a sales call with a brand this week where the owner and I hit it off. We instantly had great chemistry, which means I might’ve already made this come true. (We’re meeting again shortly after I return.)

I also upsold another client on a direct mail idea, which I can’t wait to get off the ground and share with you.

Last time I traveled, I went to Austin, and I worked as much as a regular schedule as I otherwise would.

But I’m treating this family vacay more like a proper vacation.


Because family is more important than business.

In fact, if you don’t believe this, go ahead and unsubscribe. Sounds tough, yes, but I like my clients and students to share similar values. And the truth is, you can always make more money. You can never get back precious time with your family.

Which brings to me the rub:

If you’re not spending enough time with your family, I can help. I’ll take emails off your plate—not to mention, the worry that consumes you in bed at night, wondering how you’ll afford to pay your bills or keep your sanity—so you have more wealth and free time to spend with your family.


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