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Your business needs THIS more than anything else

Today’s Peanut’s birthday. So instead of my normal schedule I worked, here’s what my day looked like:

First, I woke up and gave her her birthday presents. 

Then, I did a little bit of the work I absolutely needed to get done in the morning and pushed everything else–including this email—into the afternoon. 

When I wrapped up with my morning work, we decided to take Romeo on a 5-mile hike because it’s 70 degrees on a Monday in March in Ohio. 

Then, we showered, and went out to lunch where we enjoyed pulled pork sammies and cocktails. 

It wasn’t until after lunch that I sat back down at my desk, had a cup of “gear change espresso” and resumed where I left ouff in the morning. 

No fired erupted. 

No slack messages or emails received. 

And y’know what? 

It was almost like none of my clients even realized I played “hooky” all day. 

Can you do the same in your business? 

It sounds simple and counterproductive, but if your business doesn’t give you the freedom to spend even half a day with your girl for her birthday, then what’s the point of having a business? It may make more sense for you to get your standard job than trying your hand at entrepreneurship. 

Or maybe you feel like you’re right on the verge of massive success, but can’t manage to pull yourself out of the daily grind to really take your business to the next level. 

In that case, I can help. Especially if you’re making less than 30% of your monthly revenue from your email marketing strategy, 

Not hitting 30% or higher? Hit reely, and let’s chat .


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