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sometimes rest is better

Couple o’ days ago, I had a particularly difficult deadlift workout. Fast forward to today and after spending my morning cookin’ up copy, I wanted to give my brain a break by pushing my body to its limits. 

Big mistake. 

Y’see, today I had a squat workout. And what I didn’t realize until I drank half of my pre-workout shake and was on my third squatting set (which was supposed to be 365x5) is that my right hip was tight. 

Really tight. 

Painfully tight. 

So tight, in fact, that I had to cut my entire workout short. 

I did one more rep at 225 to make sure that I wasn’t being a b. 

Right hip still hurt. 


And so, I worked through as much as the remaining workout as I could before heading back home. 

For half a second before tying up my red Chucks, I thought about simply going on a hike with my dog in the park. But even though I was sore from my deadlift workout, I didn’t think I’d be in pain while doing my workout, so off to the gym I went. 

And I regret it. 


Why am I telling you this rather dull gym story?

Because sometimes the same thing happens when I sit down at my desk to write copy. 

Sometimes, my brain floods with me with angles and ideas to craft a juicy and persuasive email. 

Other times… 


When this happens, I tend to procrastinate and jump from tab to tab to tab. 

But you know what?

More often than not, this procrastination lets my brain cook up ideas in the background, so that when I step back into my Google Docs file, I’m smacked by a bunch of good ideas. 

Moral of the story? 

Sometimes rest is better. 


It’s harder to rest when you have a launch going on, a special promotion, or your building flows that turn one-time customers into repeat customers. 

That’s where I can help:

Hit reply if you need help extracting more moolah from your email marketing strategy, and let's talk shop. 


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