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How to make an extra 20 stacks every month

Over the last 30 days, a welcome series I built for one of my clients has generated an incredible $20,314.14 in new revenue. 

But that’s only a quarter of the story… 

The other quarter? 

I built this welcome series for him sometime in 2022. 

It only goes out to new leads, i.e. people who are not yet customers (and people who have already whipped out their credit cards to pay you are a thousand times more likely to do so again vs someone who has never done so). 

And since I set this automation “live,” which happened less than two years ago…

It’s generated an extra 172k in rev for my client. 

And, again, this is only half the story… 

The other half? 

Not only does this welcome series only go out to brand-new leads, but it’s set up in a specific way to “prime” them to buy more from us. 

For example, most welcome serieses will boot someone out of it once they become a customer. Not this one. Why? 

Well, for starters, it’s set up like an email mini-series: Where each day we build on the previous email’s content, amplify our audience’s problems, and show them that there is hope (i.e. by ordering our products). 

Second, it gives us tenfold more opportunities to convert them to our way of thinking. 

Third, it prepares them to receive emails from us… and this reduces their time from a one-time customer into a repeat customer. This makes them more likely to buy from us for, well, forever. Or at least until they unsubscribe or croak. 

Fourth, it paints a picture for them that encourages them to buy more because I sell in every single email. 

Fifth, even eighteen or twenty months in, it can still have massive months, like the past 30 days have been where it’s made an extra 20k in new revenue from new customers. 

But most welcome serieses don’t work as well. 


Well, there are several reasons: 

1. Not having enough new leads coming through 

2. Not having a strong enough USP

3. Being scared of “selling” and instead trying Gary Vee’s inane “jab, jab, jab” approach 

4. The owners not having enough confidence—or big enough cajones—to make their products sound as important as their leads think they can be

And the list goes on. The list above is not exhaustive by any means. 


If you don’t have a welcome series set up or it isn’t bringing in at least 10-20k every month like clockwork, hit reply. 

And who knows, eighteen months (give or take) from now, you may just look at your stats and realize your welcome series generated an extra 173k. 


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