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Ya boy broke BirdSend

Some of you may remember the dramatic way in which I left Aweber (after being a loyal customer for 4 or 5 years) and instead decided to try BirdSend. 

BirdSend, as you can see in the footer of every message I send you, has a lot of “perks” compared to Aweber:

* BirdSend is 39.47% cheaper than Aweber (and Aweber doesn’t break the bank) 

* It’s a thousand times easier to add emails from Docs to BirdSend

* They actually send my automated emails—something Aweber absolutely dropped the ball on to the point that I had to export hundreds of emails and reupload them, one by one, into BirdSend after I decided to make the switch. (This is something I wouldn’t recommend, but Aweber left me no choice!) 

But BirdSend just made an Aweber-sized mistake… well, kinda. 

Here’s what happened: 

By my calculation, I’m currently writing the 556th daily-ish email. In BirdSend, several of these messages are “chopped up” into their own automations. And then I have one evergreen sequence, where I write and add a daily-ish email. 

Well, a few days back you probably noticed that there was a four-day period where I didn’t send any emails. 

It’s not that I didn’t write any emails. It’s that BirdSend, kinda like Aweber, stopped sending them. 

But BirdSend’s support team reached out last night with the reason: 

They capped their automation limits at 255 emails. 

When this sequence reached the 255 number, they stopped sending emails, despite however many more I added. 

But they just fixed this bug, and now there’s no limitations in how many emails I add. 

Which made me think… 

Wow, I’m the first email copywriter to break BirdSend! 

That gotta give me some kind of brownie points… 

…even if BirdSend is relatively new and even if most people with a daily-ish email cadence send broadcasts instead of setting up flows. 


BirdSend fixed the problem where Aweber didn’t. And, yes, I’m still happy with my decision to switch. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper (and in many ways, superior) email software, I invite you to try BirdSend. When you use my affiliate link below, they send us both a bunch of free bonuses too. 

And if you want to turn normal, everyday happenings into cold, hard cashola through email, hit reply, and let’s set up a quick call. 


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