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Why you’re an idiot if you listen to me


I am NOT a guru.

I don’t wake up at 4:23 am every morning. I don’t take cold showers. I’m subscribed to Netflix. And I enjoy the occasional professional sports game (especially playoff szn).

Wtf does this hafta do with anything?

Let me explain…

There’s a decent chance you found me on Twitter.

Twitter is this wild place with different subsections and unorganized groups.

I’m a part of what’s called “Money Twitter,” where all the gurus inflate their numbers and egos, so they can dupe innocent people into buying their courses or ebooks. It’s a vast land built on platitudes, scam artists, and the occasional child who lashes out at everyone.

In fact…

Back in 2019-ish, there was this scam artist named Efe. His profile picture was him sitting in a private plane. He called everyone poor and scammed a bunch of people to buy his course. (If I remember correctly.. Point is, he scammed them with something.)

Well turns out, this dude had no idea what he was doing.

He was taking money from people left and right, but didn’t deliver whatever promised them. And not only did he not deliver, he straight up ghosted these mfs.

Once these innocent folks he duped rallied together, someone exposed the fact that his profile picture wasn’t in a real private plane — instead, it was a fake private plane for a photo shoot that “influencers” and other types of charlatans use to fool people.

And that’s just one example in the long list of similar types of stories.

I think Abraham Lincoln once said,

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

(See how easy it is to lie?)

Which brings me to the point:

Whether you’re also a part of Money Twitter or not, it’s easy to lie. I think certain types of people even “get off” on scamming hard-working mfs.

That’s why you need to double, triple, and quadruple check people before you work with them.

I don’t care how good they sound on social media. (There’s also a decent chance they have a ghostwriter lol)

I don’t care how amazing their screenshots look. (It’s easy to manipulate these… well, if you’re good at design or photoshopping, which I am not.)

And I don’t care how many followers or fans they have. I don’t even care how many clients they’ve worked with.

It’s easy to lie.

It’s easy (for some people) to scam others.

And it’s easy to ghost someone after forking over your cold, hard cashola to them.

So do your due diligence. (Yes, even if you hire me.)

I do my due diligence too. And I turn away some clients who I don’t jibe with.

And if you willy-nilly believe everyone under the sun without further investigation?

You’re an idiot.

Again, yes, even if it’s me.


If you have a proven offer and wanna increase your email revenue by 30% (or more) — without doing a damn thing in the process…

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