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Peanut BRUISED me last night

Peanut is a massage therapist. And yesterday, she brought home a scraping tool for us to use on each other. 

If you’ve ever been scraped before (or have seen videos of chiropractors using it online), then you’d know it’s not the most pleasant experience. Sure, it may feel good breaking up muscle knots momentarily, but a scraper is like a foam roller that can dig deeper and break up more scar tissue and bring more blood flow. 

A few minutes into the session I had gnarly bruises on my shoulders and my neck where she scraped. She did too. And afterwards, we both mentioned to each other that we felt a bit worse. 

Of course, we both felt much better this morning. 

And despite how many times she’s rubbed my neck (and done a damn good job at it), nothing broke up the weird knots I have from spending too much time typing on my computer than this little stainless steel tool did. 

Yes, even if it hurt in the moment. 

Yes, even if it left me all bruised up afterwards. 

And yes, even if the pain lingered until I fell asleep. 

But y’know what? 

I woke up today feeling marvelous.

Leg day is today, so last night I wondered if my neck would be able to bear some of the weight of the barbell load. 

I had a great leg day too. 

Anywho, moral of this simple story? 

Sometimes you have to do painful things in order to grow. 

It’s painful going to the gym consistently and eating right. Until you get the body you desire. 

It’s painful realizing that your business ain’t in as good of shape as it appears. Until you hire someone that specializes in maximizing your, say, email revenue. 

And it might even be painful hearing my absurd fees I charge for writing “simple” emails. Until you see your revenue ticking up like the woods.

Sometimes you have to do painful things in order to grow. 

Ready to do something painful right now?

Hit reply, and let’s set up a quick call. If everything goes smooth, I’ll then give your email software an audit—a process that will be painful if I see you’re leaving a lot of moolah on the table. But a process that will flip that table over nonetheless and we’ll be laughing our way to the bank in just a few months time (and mayhap even sooner). 


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