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Why cheaper clients are more likely to complain

Few months back, one of my clients onboarded a new client. In their onboarding form—something that each new client goes through in this particular business—struck a bit of business gold.

When asked about who they DON’T wanna work with, here’s what they said:

“We’ve also noticed the clients who spend the least complain the most.”


It’s about as counterintuitive as any other piece of business wisdom. It’s something I’ve proven, anecdotally, over the course of my 3+ year freelancing career. And it’s also something that has become a literal meme on places like Money Twitter because it’s true.

In other words…

The fastest way to get rid of annoying, complaining, salt-of-the-earth type clients is by raising your prices.

Now, I know that the idea of charging more for your services scares some people.

- “What if I lose all my clients?”

- “What if I can’t find another client because I’m charging too much?”

- “What if I have to go back and beg for a J-O-B I can’t stand because charging more crucified my business?”

Now, each of these “reasons” are valid… kinda. I mean, it is possible something like this happens. But it’s also highly unlikely. In fact, when I first raised my prices across the board, I not only didn’t lose any clients, but I also started having easier sales.

Y’see, charging more gave prospects more confidence in my powers.

Now, I’m oversimplifying it here in this email. There are other things I did to get better at sales and “get away” with charging more — like improving my sales calls and talking to more businesses who can afford my outlandish prices.

But the point is:

Charging more lands you better opportunities, not worse.

Think of yourself and your own shopping behaviors for a second:

Are you more likely to spend $500 on, say, a real gold necklace or to spend $15 on a faux gold necklace from Amazon?

Having higher prices is a signal to clients and customers that you’re worth me.

Of course, in order to charge more you have to believe your worth more. But that’s a mindset thang, not a business thang.

Moral of the story?

Raise your prices, then thank me later.

Need help raising your prices without losing customers? Or need help maximizing the revenue you’re generating from your emails?

Lucky for you, you came to the right place:


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