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Why Aaron Rodgers will NEVER succeed (despite being a 4x MVP and Super Bowl champion)

Been on a football kick in these emails, and today’s no exception.


I listened to an Aaron Rodgers interview on Pat McAfee’s YouTube show this week, and Aaron revealed the reason why he’ll NEVER succeed.

During the interview, someone asked Aaron if his schedule is like Mark Wahlberg’s.

Allegedly, Mark wakes up at 2 am each day, plays 18 holes, goes to the gym, plays another 9 holes, wakes up his family and takes his kids to school, goes back to the gym, eats breakfast. And then, after all of that is done, it’s about 9 am and he starts his day.

Dude has an insane “morning routine.”

(And I’m only being slightly facetious…)

Anyway, what was Aaron’s response?

He doesn’t have an insane morning routine filled with 19 to-do’s. He doesn’t wake up at crazy early hours. And, he doesn’t have much of a morning routine at all.

I could hear the outrage emitted by some of the cringiest gurus on Money Twitter with each syllable pronounced by Aaron’s tongue.

Doesn’t Aaron realize he’ll NEVER be successful if he doesn’t “get dialed in” before the sun comes up or start grinding hours before anyone else on Earth even wakes up?

Of course, I’m being fully facetious now.

Here’s the thing…

One of the most important “lessons” I learned in the past year comes from Jim Clair’s great mind:

Jim’s always attacking the religion of “Success.”

In said religion, you have to

* Wake up before 4 am

* Meditate for 18 hours

* Spend at least 2 hour journaling

* Repeat Success mantras over to yourself throughout the day

* Tweet about gratitude at least 5 times per day

* Hustle and grind 24/7 and never take a minute to, y’know, enjoy life

* Spend 4 hours in the gym

And other similar pointless tasks.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way:

If those things work for you, keep doing them. But Success—and yes, I’m capitalizing the S in Success each time on purpose—tricks you into thinking that you need these things or else you’ll be a miserable loser.

And that, cully, just ain’t troooo.

But it’s a little more sinister than that too:

Most of these tasks, such as journaling, meditating, working out, are actually sneaky ways to procrastinate.

Y’know what will actually give you success in life?

Doing the work you need to.

Not adding a bunch of irrelevant tasks to convince yourself that you’re “busy.”

I’ll let you marinate on that for a while.

And speaking of doing the work…

The work you need to do today—if you wanna make more monies through your emails, that is—is booking a time with me here, so we can hop on a call to see if partnering together makes sense.

Nothing more. Nothing less.


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