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Unhinged man reveals the secret to unlocking infinite creativity

“The best work comes when you're under extreme duress... when you're up against the clock, you get these surges of adrenaline, and it's like you're in a different world. Everything becomes clearer, sharper, more focused.”

— Abe Lucas, Irrational Man

Few months back, Peanut and I watched Irrational Man — the story about a man devoid of purpose, who can’t even get it “up” because he’s a miserably wretched person, who then rediscovers his purpose by cyaniding a judge after overhearing this judge was about to take a mother’s children away from her in a custody battle because he’s friendly with the father of said children.


Long before the story plays out, while he’s still a wretched philosophy professor trying to sleep with one of his students, he explains to said student the secret to creativity, which is the quote I started this sucker off with.

And you know what?

Even a completely unhinged future-murderer can be right twice a day. (Or wait, is that a broken clock?)

Such is the power of deadlines.

Imposing hard deadlines on yourself is the single most effective way known to mankind to not only get all your work done, but to also get your best work done.

When you have a deadline, you’re in a different world. You become a superhero with senses dialed up to “11.” Nothing can stop you or distract you.

And yet, most people don’t impose hard deadlines on themselves. Because it makes whatever project you’re trying to finish (or start) more “real.”

This also plays out when you attach deadlines to your products and services.

If your product or service can improve someone’s life, they will procrastinate on buying it forever unless you attach a deadline to it. The more it can potentially change someone’s life, the more they’ll procrastinate.

I don’t know why this is—whether a fear of failure, of success, or something else entirely different.

But the fact remains:

Attaching a deadline to it will “shortcut” these weird human glitches we have in our subconscious and can spur even the laziest mf to action.

Long story short:

That’s the reason you should attach ruthless deadlines to every project you work on and every offer you promote.

Which brings me to the rub:

While I don’t have a hard deadline in place for working with me, my client roster rises a little higher with each passing month. And one day, the day will come, and you’ll be luck-outta-shyt to work with me without waiting months for a new spot to open up.

Why don’t we nip that in the bud now then, eh?

Here’s what you need to do:

Book a call here (and show up focused and on time).

Sound like a plan?

Grab a time here to get this party started.


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