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The ungodly power of active rest

How bout another quick lifting story?


One of the new programs I’m running has this new thang calt “trigger sessions.”

What’s a trigger session?

It’s a quick and easy, 10-minute workout using only bands or your body weight. The whole point is to do 1-3 of these trigger sessions on your off days to stimulate your central nervous system and send a signal to your muscles that those mfs need to grow. And it’s ungodly powerful.

The whole “science” behind it is interesting too. The reason the guys over at Mind Pump created it is because they saw how YUGE car mechanic’s forearms got, for example.

The reason?

They sent these muscle-building signals to their forearms constantly — without overexerting their central nervous system.

In other words, it’s “active rest.”

Before doing trigger sessions, I was a gym junkie.

I’d hit the gym 6x a week (h/t to Zach Homol’s programming — I’m not an affiliate but would recommend. But this is *not* what I’m running anymore).

And I got huge.

But I was always sore. Or tired. Or fatigued. Or injured.

On this new program…

I lift heavy 2-3x a week in the gym. And I do 1-3 of these trigger sessions on my off days.

The results?

My muscles feel better.

More people accuse me of taking roids (which is the highest compliment a natty lifter can get).

And my strength has skyrocketed. (A couple weeks back, I squatted 405x12!)

And you know what?

You can apply this “active rest” secret to anything you do in life.

Let’s look at a couple o’ examples:

Wanna be a better copywriter? Read more books.

Wanna be a better salesman? Listen to more sales calls.

And so on.

You need rest. It helps you become more creative. Avoid burnout. The whole enchilada.

But active rest reigns supreme.

It gives you all those benefits, while still sending a metaphorical “muscle-building” signal to whatever you’re trying to improve without overexerting your “central nervous system.”

Apply this into your life and prosper.

If you have a business with a proven offer… and need help sending profitable emails consistently, book a call. Maybe we can work something out.

Now go get sum rest, kings and queens.

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