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The stupidest social media mistake you can make

I’m probably the last person on God’s green Earth you should listen to when it comes to social media.

I don’t have a big following.

Nor a huge social media presence.

But I see a ton of people making this social media mistake.

And it’s a massive mistake.

How massive, you ask?

Let's pretend for a second that your social media platforms are the Earth.

In this weird situation… that means Twitter is the USA, Facebook is Russia, Tik Tok is China, and Instagram is Japan.

Still with me?


And let’s pretend that this mistake people make on their social media is a giant meteor heading straight for Earth. If it hits the Earth (and it will), the entire planet will become dust.

All the animals, plants, and insects die. The atmosphere disappears. All the oceans and countries evaporate. Our entire human history vanishes. And the green Earth we once knew becomes a distant memory.

That’s how massive this mistake is.

It’s bigger than zombies invading the Earth.

It’s bigger than taking the red pill and realizing everyone around you is a computer program designed to keep you in the matrix.

And, yes, it’s even bigger than Thanos and Freeza combined!

Okay, so what is this mistake I keep teasing you about?

Growing a social media following without growing your email list.

This is such a lethal mistake for a few reasons:

1. It’s much harder to monetize your social media than your email list.

With your social media, you have to worry about algorithms. Not everyone who follows you or is friends with you on social media sees your posts. Not to mention, most social media platforms – the one exception being Twitter, but this could change – want you to whip out your credit card and spend money to promote yourself and your products. They’re incentivized to show fewer and fewer people your content, so you spend more and more money on advertising.

And people on social media aren’t good buyers.

Quick story:

One of my clients created a Facebook group years ago. Waaaay back in 2015 to be exact. (Which was BEFORE Trump became president, just to put it into perspective.)

There are well over 100k people in this group. It’s still an “active” group — there’s about 10 new posts every day inside this group. And all the members in the group have a similar problem, and my client can help them. That’s why he created the group 7 years ago.

The problem?

This massive group hasn’t led to one customer.

Not’a one.

Whenever my client jumps in because he can help, he’s shot down by everyone in the group. They don’t think he can help them because he’s “sElLiNg” them something.

Sucks for them because he could help.

But it’s gotten to the point where my client doesn’t even check in on this group anymore. It’s just a major time suck.

Even though there are 100k people inside there that he could help by tomorrow.

Moral of the story?

Social media attracts broke people with terrible intent.

They’d rather suffer through excruciating pain than reach into their wallets and take out a few pennies to solve their problems.

And since their intent is off, they will never buy.

No matter how convincing, persuasive, or helpful my client is inside that group.

Onto mistake numero dos…

2. Your mistakes are etched into stone.

Remember that Efe story I told you yesterday? (If not, go back and reread yesterday’s email.)

That mf will NEVER live that down. (And for good reason.)

But on the more insidious side of this equation:

People get canceled all the time for things they’ve said on social media 5, 7, even as long as 10 years ago!

Nobody gets canceled because of something they said in an email though.


It’s much easier to search for past tweets than past emails if you’re set on getting someone canceled.

Which leads me into my next point…

3. Any social media platform can drop the ban hammer on you at any time, for any reason.

Doesn’t matter how many fans or followers you have.

Nobody is immune to this. Especially if you say controversial shyt.

And this problem will only ratchet up even more over time — thanks to all the SJW’s with their first-world problems.

If you get banned from social media, you can’t talk to any of your fans ever again.

Sure, maybe some of your top fans will track you down and sign up for your email list.

But this is only 20% of your following at MOST. It’s probably closer to 1% who will actually do this.

So if you had 100k followers… that means you’d lose 99,000 of your audience OVERNIGHT.

With no way to reach out to them either.

Now, your ESP can still ban you.

But with email, you *own* your list. So you can take your list and upload it into another email software in 5 minutes.

With social media?

They *own* your followers.

Big difference for those wise enough to see it.

Have as much fun on social media as you want. Grow your audience to heights that make you uncomfortable. If used correctly, social media can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal for your business.

But always, always, always promote your email list. And turn as many followers into email subscribers as you can.

It just might save your business one day.

Anyway, if you have a proven offer and wanna increase your email revenue by 30% (or more) — without doing a damn thing in the process…

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