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The single biggest email mistake everyone commits far too often

Got a cautionary tale for you today, especially if you like to half-ass your email marketing strategy. 


One of my clients hasn’t sent many emails over the past couple of months for a variety of reasons that I won’t get into here. 

But we’re starting back up again, and well, our results have been less than stellar. 

We’re still getting high open rates. 

High click rates. 

And we’re still making sales. 

But… there’s been an increase in unsubscribes, disabled email accounts, and even angry replies asking why they’re receiving emails from her. 


Well, she committed the classic mistake I see most ecom brands, fitness influencers, and just damn near any business with an email list this side of Ben Settle. 

The mistake? 

She stopped sending emails for a few months.

Y’see, email’s super power as a marketing tool is two-fold: 

For one, it’s more intimate than most forms of marketing. In fact, it’s so intimate, many people don’t even realize it’s marketing at all. And since it’s so close to the bottom of the funnel (where sales happen), it’s also mayhap the best channel to turn email addresses into cashola. 

And for two, because of the reasons mentioned in the paragraph above, consistency can make or break your email efforts. 

Go a few weeks or a few months without sending an email and people forget who you are. 

The longer you go, the more likely you’re gonna get complaints and unsubscribes. 

And this is such a colossal mistake because everyone has it back-asswards: 

They think that if they send too many emails that unsubscribes will surge upward. Sure, if you’re in the middle of an important launch and sending multiple emails per day, you may see a few more unsubscribes than normal. 

But the opposite is true: The fewer emails you send, the more likely you are to piss off your audience and rage-bait them into unsubscribing. 

Just sum food for thought. 

Struggle coming with email ideas? Tired of people forgetting who you are because you only send a few emails each month? 

Help is just one reply away!

Hit reply, and we’ll find some time on our schedules to chat. 


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