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The difference between $40 grand and $40,000,000

Teachers are frequently in the news, posturing on social media, or privately complaining that they don’t get paid enough. They consider themselves the “future” of children, and as such, they should get paid more.

While they have an argument, and my personal views are slightly skewed because I come from a family of teachers, the cold, hard truth is many teachers are glorified babysitters. Nothing against them personally, but methinks there ain’t much of a difference between babysitting and teaching kindergarten.

Then you have the self-proclaimed Marxists who indoctrinate kids into their evil views. Kinda like one of my history teachers in high school, who proudly idolized Stalin throughout his room.

Or you have the vast majority of English teachers, who can actually do your writing harm. (I’ve come to slightly alter my views on this, and don’t think all English teachers are as bad as some mfs on Twitter claim they are. But many are, and many teach you the wrong way to start writing copy.

Anyway, I digress…

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, my cully, to set the stage for you when a podcast I was listening to recently said something that shocked me silly:

Turns out, teaching is one of the highest paid professions on the planet. In fact, teachers as a whole have more accumulated wealth than the next profession.

But, it ain’t the same 1st grade teachers complaining they don’t get paid enough on Facebook.

For a very specific reason too:

Y’see, the reason why teachers who complain about not getting paid enough don’t get paid enough is because they don’t teach anything valuable. Sure, knowing 2 + 2 = 5 (kidding…) is important to know, but knowing it doesn’t help you make money.

The teachers who never complain about getting paid enough, because they make as high as $40,000,000 (yes, with seven 0’s after the 4…) get paid as such because they teach something valuable, i.e. profitable.

These teachers include:

* Motivational speakers like Tony Robbins

* Copywriting teachers like Dan Kennedy

* Email teachers like Ben Settle

* Hell, even one of my clients, an absolute expert when it comes to your health, could be considered a “health teacher” (and while he doesn’t make $40 M, I know he makes quite a bit of loot—and quite a bit more of loot since we started working together)

While the teachers making $40 grand?

Well, they teach unprofitable things like basic math, basic English, and history with a serious bend towards propaganda.

Immoral of the story? (To borrow a turn of phrase from the great, aforementioned Ben Settle)

Teaching is one of the best ways to make moolah—if you teach something profitable, valuable, and relevant.

Do with this info what thou wilt.

But if you need help “teaching” your expertise (while making fat stacks of cheddar cheese as ya do), book a call here, and let’s see if partnering makes sense. Because if you haven’t realized this fact already: Email is one of the best ways to combine education with persuasion, and get paid what you're worth for your knowledge.

Think it over.


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