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the art of following up

If you don’t follow up at least 5-8 times, you don’t really want it. This applies to email marketing and cold email and cold calling and, yes, business in general.


I read a HubSpot article some time ago which said most sales happen after the 5th contact.

They had stats and figures and all that. I’ll let you find it (and feed their Google algorithm machine) if’n you want.

But me?

I’m gonna give you a few anecdotal stories that the smart mfs reading this will build their worldview around.

Story #1

Let’s rewind our clocks back some 6 months. One of my “mentors” suggested I look into the weird world of infinite banking concept.

As a former Rothbardian (aka the world of Austrian economics), I heard bout this idea back when I worked at Old Navy less than 10 hours a week and didn’t have three pennies to juggle.

Then, it came across my “desk” again.

And I had a meeting with a reputable company… but the timing wasn’t right.

I didn’t take the necessary next steps and haven’t thought about it since.

Well, that all changed today:

I got a cold call from the owner of the company. I’m still not ready on my end, but now it’s back at the top of me mind. And I plan on doing something with it sooner rather than later.

Following up works.

Story #2

I got a bunch of clients from following up to an obnoxious level.

I made some mfs mad, sure, but they shoulda told me they weren’t interested.

Story #3

A bunch of mfs have offered to write free emails for me to get results they could use to land clients for themselves.

Respect the hustle.

But nobody followed up, and I’m too lazy to search for who offered me what.

And ya know what?

I could use this offer much more today than I could’ve when they first reached out.

Story #4

This is the power of daily emails.

Yes, some emails aren’t as “juicy” as others.

Yes, I could think harder and write even more persuasive copy if’n I wanted.

And yes, some mfs unsubscribe.

But because I send a daily email… I’m at the top of your mind.

Every single day.

Like a pesky earworm of your favorite song you can't shake.

If you need an email copywriter, there’s a good chance you pick me over some other bloke who doesn’t send as many emails.

It’s an old and corny and platitude-y marketing idea, but it has some trooth to it:

Marketing is sending the right message to the right mfs at the right time.

Daily emails give you more “chances” of popping up at the right time.

And so it is for cold email.

And so it is for cold calls.

And, I’d go as far to say, so it is for anything—maybe barring the creepy DM style thang simps do to chicks out of their league on Instagram.

Anyway, I digress…

Wanna make more sales without doing a damn thing?

Book a call.

Let’s talk.

And see if’n we’re a good fit for each other.


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