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Need a “breath of fresh air” in your emails?

Check this out:

I just got off a sales call with a prospect—who works for a company started by a v famous woman—where she said:


“I just love talking to you John. You’re such a breath of fresh air.”

Here’s how I get love from even prospects before writing a single word for them:

First, I introduced a plain-text email approach to her.

Her brand is the typical ecommerce brand, sending heavily designed HTML emails. In fact, their brand is a step ahead of most ecom brands when it comes to design:

They have a design-forward brand. They value their branding more than the typical ecom company. And yet, they’re still considering a plain-text approach.


Well, their email designs don’t live up to their brand. So, it’s actually an easy opportunity to introduce plain-text emails.

(Buncha lessons in there.)

Second, I’ve shown up on both of our sales calls to help.

I don’t need new clients to pay my bills, which means I can show up on each sales call ready to provide as much value as possible.

I even “give away” a few of my secrets — even if they don’t hire me.


Well, I’ll do it better than they can. But I’d rather have them do it themselves than not do it at all.

Third, I gave her a complete Klaviyo audit.

I dove into all the nuts and bolts of her Klaviyo account, listing out potential problems, areas of opportunities, and compliments to good things they already have set up.

Fourth, we just vibed, which is sumtin I can’t teach. Your favorite sales guru can’t teach that either.


Do you need a breath of fresh air with your email strategy?



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