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how the law of attraction *typically* manifests itself

When I was at the gym this morning, I looked up at the tv showing ESPN at the perfect moment.

Pundits were talking about a recent statement—an inexcusable statement—made by Eagles WR, AJ Brown.

The statement in question?

AJ Brown told reporters that he knew “deep down” that his Eagles would lose to the Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.


Thinking this is one thing. Saying it out loud is a whole other thing. (Reminds me of a recent Chapelle joke I heard about Kanye…)

But here’s the cold, hard truth:

This is how the law of attraction usually manifests itself.

People like to mentally fap over the idea that they can use the law of attraction to achieve their dreams, goals, and ambitions. They read Think and Grow Rich, thinking that’s all they need to, well, grow rich. They never seem to do it though.

Or they read a book like The Secret, thinking that repeating the same mantras over and over will give them the life they want. They also never seem to get that life they say they want.

The law of attraction is a powerful force. But most times, as showcased by AJ Brown, mfs use it to attract negative things into their life instead of positive ones.


Coupla reasons:

1. They don’t believe it with every fiber of their existence

Annnnnnd, the arguably more important reason (which actually stems down from this first error):

2. They don’t take the necessary actions to achieve their goals

You can’t think and grow rich and wake up with a millie in your bank account.

But you can “do and grow rich.”

That’s the bad news—because most people are allergic to taking action. It’s hard. It ain’t sexy. And it’s much easier reading a book and trying to convince yourself that you’re on your way to success until, well, the success don’t come and you’re left in a depressive hole.

The solution is taking action. Funnily enough, taking action is the solution to a lot of our modern problems.

Anyway, before I ramble on too long, lemme give you a quick way to “do and grow rich” that you can do in the next 30 seconds:

Book a call here, we’ll hop on a quick call, and if we’re a good fit, I’ll man your email ship, taking you to revenue and engagement heights you never knew possible.

Up to you.


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