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How Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote Hamilton

Remember talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda a few days ago? The guy who wrote Hamilton and praised the Always Sunny gang?

Well, during that interview on The Always Sunny Podcast he also revealed how he wrote Hamilton. Or perhaps more accurately, how he finished Hamilton.

Here’s what happened:

In 2004, Ron Chernow wrote a biography about Alexander Hamilton. Some odd years later, Lin-Manuel read said biography, which sparked the idea for Hamilton in his brain.

According to Google, Lin-Manuel started writing Hamilton in 2008. And he didn’t finish the play until 2015—seven long years later.

According to Lin-Manual on The Always Sunny Podcast, it took him a few months to write the opening song. But then it took him an entire year—that’s 365 days, do it please ya—to write the second song.

15 months of work and only 2 songs to show for it?


At this pace, I’m not sure if Lin-Manuel would’ve finished Hamilton by the time I’m writing this email (which is December of 2022). 7 years might’ve become 14 years in a snap of the fingers.

But something happened that kind of “snapped” ​​Lin-Manuel into action, which can also help you snap into action on any project you’re procrastinating on.

What happened?

Well, Tommy Kail, an American theatre director, joined Lin-Manuel’s team.

Tommy asked Lin-Manuel how his Hamilton play was coming along. And Lin-Manuel had to admit he only wrote 2 songs in a 15-month span.

What Tommy Kail did next will shock you!

(Probably not, but howsdat for click-bait… or shall I say, read-bait?)

Tommy told Lin-Manuel to slap a deadline on the project. He said he didn’t care how far off into the future it was, but he wanted Lin-Manuel to pick a date where he would perform the play live.

Lin-Manuel picked a date 7 months into the future, and wrote 11 songs in that timespan.

Ahhhh, see the power of deadlines?

It’s quite literally the difference between an average of 0.13 songs per month and 0.63 songs per month. Lemme click clack this into my trusty percentage calculator…

Attaching a deadline to Hamilton boosted Lin-Manuel’s productivity by 384.61%!

Massive, massive difference.

And you know what?

Deadlines will do the same for you.

Speaking of deadlines…

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