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Hormozi stole from me?

Last week, one of my acolytes DM’d me on Twitter saying that Alex Hormozi stole from yours truly.

(Well, kinda…)

Y’see, in one of Hormozi’s latest videos he talks about Chick-fil-A and the 7 secrets to their $50B empire.

And upon watching Hormozi’s video, my trusty pupil recalled an email I wrote about Chick-fil-A, which I wrote over 6 months before Hormozi’s video graced the interwebs.

Which leaves me wondering…

Did Hormozi steal from yours truly?!


I don’t think we can completely roll out the possibility that Hormozi used my email for inspiration. But I did only include 3 secrets, which as a reminder include:

1. Providing top-tier customer service by uttering something as simple as two words (my pleasure)

2. Leading with your values (even if they offend mfs)

3. Doing the exact opposite of what everyone else in your industry does

But if we’re being honest and logical, the chances of that happening are slim to none. I haven’t watched Hormozi’s Chick-fil-A video (that’s part of me playing my “do the exact opposite of what everyone in your industry does” role), so I don’t even know if he mentioned each of these 3 secrets in his 7 secrets.

I’m willing to bet he mentioned at least one of them though.

Anywho, here’s your “lesson” for today (if’n you can call it that):

Opening and reading each email from yours truly could give you “early access” to ideas and lessons that Hormozi—one of the most popular and successful mfs from Money Twitter—himself teaches, months before he even teaches it.

Consider that a perk of being a subscriber.

Another perk (especially if you own a brand)?

Hitting reply, jumping on a quick Discovery Call, and partnering with me to make your impact, revenue, and freedom explode with email marketing.

Y’know, I am the guy who gives Hormozi his ideas!

(Slight sarcasm in that last sentence, but wait, what is that? A grain of truth, too?)

Anyway, book a call if you have a brand. And if not, keep opening and reading my emails each and every day.

Because if you do?

You may not recognize your brand (or yourself) in the next few months.


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