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Fill out the complete form on this page. Make sure you scroll and answer all the fields. And then hit “submit” and you’ll be the first to know when I have a new client opening.

martin headshot.jpg

Martin Pytela

This email had an excellent response, and we sold about double from it than from others.

Kristina headshot.png

Kristina Hess

John Brandt has been a game changer in my business. He is timely, responsive, and most importantly an excellent copywriter. My emails are being opened and read more frequently, and it has improved my relationship with my clientele. Relinquishing email marketing to John was the best decision. I didn’t have the desire or emotional bandwidth to be writing regular emails and John has taken something I don’t enjoy off my plate. It’s his genius zone and not mine. If you need support in this area, you will be thrilled to have him on your team.

jenya headshot.jpg

Jenya Nemirovsky

We hired John to work on content for our newsletter campaigns, based on a recently created tone of voice for our company. John was able to adapt that voice and immediately began producing outstanding newsletters, just as we envisioned. As a result, the open rates and conversions went up. John is quite fast with turnaround times and is a versatile writer. He understands what needs to be done and delivers with excellent results!

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