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Zyn’s secret for charging more than their competitors

A few years back, I stumbled on Zyn’s nicotine packages, and it was love at first taste. I’ve always been a fan of nicotine, and Zyn’s white nicotine pouches are tasty, smooth, and effective. 

And you know what?

Despite what propagandists have told us, nicotine actually has quite a few positive benefits. 

Anyway, since discovering Zyn, I’ve always been able to find a deal on them at a local gas station. Sometimes I’d have to go to the ‘station closer to my gym. Other times I had to go to the one closer to my house. 

But over the past couple of months, I haven’t been able to find the same deal (which cut around 50% off the total price for me). Not that I’ve been searching particularly hard. But I used to pay around $11 for my Zyns, and now I pay $22. 

Well, Zyn is no longer the only company to make nicotine pouches. In fact, there are a few competitors who offer their nicotine pouches for far cheaper than Zyn does. 

And I know that a few of my fellow Zynners have jumped ship to one of these cheaper brands. 

But not me. And not the large majority of Zyn customers. 


Well, I can’t provide an answer for everyone, but I can reveal why I won’t jump ship on Zyn (which, surprise surprise, has some business lessons attached to the hip). 

First, I enjoy the size, mg amount, and flavor of Zyns. Nothing beats having a superior product. 

Second, I have a metric fvckton of Zyn Rewards points right now. I’m “saving” up for a 9,000 Zyn Rewards soundbar for my TV and music, and I’m more than half of the way there. 

(While the flavor and first point is important, this second point ensures that I will not even consider switching brands until I can at least get the soundbar.) 

Third, Zyn already sent me a free espresso machine because I’ve saved up enough points. Makes it just a little bit harder to switch brands because of it too. 

And you know what? 

While I don’t know the price for Zyn’s competitors off the top of my head, Zyn is roughly twice as much as their competitors. I’m no mathematician, but it could be better for my wallet to switch to a cheaper brand and simply buy a soundbar. 

But here’s the kicker: 

I’m not making a logical decision when I’m buying Zyn. I’m making an emotional decision. 

And that’s sumtin’ that every buyer of anything does too, cully. 

Just some food for thought this mornin. 


Another way to make your customers happy to pay more is by having a buttoned up email strategy that makes your product or service look leagues better than your competitors. 

If you need help setting something like this up, hit reply, and let’s chat. 



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