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Hope is the ultimate weapon in copy. As such, today I have a story chock full of hope and wisdom and comfort.


I recently caught a clip from Theo Von’s show. He had Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the office) on this particular episode. And Rainn was explaining how he almost didn’t get cast in the office…

Here’s what hap’n’ed:

About a month before The Office started casting, Rainn had another role come across his desk (well, his agent’s desk) for a TV show starring him and Bob Odenkirk. While he was on his way to rehearse the pilot, he passed an executive who mentioned they were getting ready to cast the America version of The Office.

Well, Rainn bombed the rehearsal. Not on purpose or anything either. Just a straight humiliating bombing. In fact, he bombed so hard that they canceled the entire pilot and show on the spot.


But wait wasn’t this to be a hopeful story?

Yes, yes it was. And yes it is.

Y’see, because of the bombing the month prior, Rainn’s schedule was open to audition for The Office. And it made his career soar in ways this other show he bombed couldn’t even dream of.

And you know what?

His role in The Office wouldn’t have been possible if’n he worked on this other show.

Moral of the story?

Sometimes failures are a step away from massive, world-breaking success. As long as you don’t, you know, drown yourself in them.

And if your recent failures involve email, then, well booking a call with me (here) is an easy way to turn that failure into The Office-sized success.

To leave you with a word of wisdom from Theo Von himself:

“It sucks to lose a limb until you’re in a one-legged contest.”


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