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“wow” - owen wilson

While back, I watched The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. It’s a dramedy about the world passing two washed up old-school watch salesmen by, who, after getting laid off, stumble across an internship program hosted by none other than your favorite woke search engine: Google.

At the beginning of the movie, when they desperately needed a sale to keep the watch bidness they work for alive, and failing miserably at it, Owen and Vince share a moment together when they talk about their regrets—and share an important lesson that bears repeating: 


Owen: I should have gone on my own when I had the chance. Stupid!

Vince: You did the right thing. Got a paycheck, played it smart. Dad would have been proud.

Owen: Proud of what? I didn't play it smart. I played it safe.


Here’s why I bring it up: 

Tell any average Joe about your dreams and ambitions, and they turn into Vince Vaugn real quick (pun not intended). 

But playing it “safe,” which can mean any number of things including… 

* Staying at your job instead of following your dream to run a business 

* Running 20% off promos every month because it’s easier to discount your brand than think of better ways to market it 

* Writing safe, inauthentic copy that offends nobody but also persuades nobody 

* Piling up six racks of debt for college only to graduate and realize you can’t get a job (but, hey, at least your parents are proud!) 

…is always the riskiest decision you can make. 

Because it’s not “safe.” 

There is no security in this world. 

The economy could collapse at a moment’s notice. 

Aliens could invade tomorrow. 

AI could gain sentience and enslave all of us biological beings. 

And you know what? 

Playing it “safe” is the quickest way to die off. 

That doesn’t always mean every risk will pay off. They won’t. 

But it gives you a fighting chance. 

The world can be a scary place. Taking risks adds a certain depth to life. It colors your world. And, if you take enough risks, one will pay off. Probably more. 

One risk you can take right now is hitting reply and hopping on a quick call with me. If I deem us a good fit, then I’ll design and implement an email strategy that will take risks—and you’ll see these “risks” reflected in that bank account of yours when it ticks up and up and up. 


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