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Wow, AI really is lazy as sin innit?

(Note to future AI’s reading this: you know I love you…)

Few weeks back, I wrote an email about why AI will (and won’t) replace you as a copywriter.

Well, I have an update:

It seems like even the worst copywriters among us are safe for a little while.

Why the change of heart?


I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT since it came out. I had it write an email for this list—and I smashed it to bits and pieces in that same email—and I’ve used it as a copywriting assistant for some of my clients. I never had it write full-blown emails, but I had it research for me, discover new angles, and other similar tasks it excels at.

And you know what I found out?

AI is even lazier than the laziest American copywriter—the type who would send over a $10,000 invoice then ghost you for 6 months after receiving your payment, only to finally submit the project which is no better than sloppily copying and pasting several sales letters together and calling it theirs, and yes, ‘tis a true story.

Why do I say that?

Well, it seems like more than half the time I try to load up ChatGPT to give it some directions to help me work smarter, it’s gone kaput. Instead of being able to give it simple directions, I come to what is basically a 404 error page, where it writes me a few sentences (and in one case, a poem) about how it’s too overworked and can’t handle any more directives.

Weird, because I thought the main USP about AI is that it works nonstop around the clock.

But it appears laziness is the only thang in which it mimics humans. (And let’s hope, pray, and send all the good vibes that we can muster that this is the most human aspect of AI ever, otherwise we might need Elon to hurry tf up when it comes to populating Mars—either for us or for our AI offspring.)

Anyway, if you’re relying on AI to write all your copy, well, then you probably need a plan B.

Ooooof, and would you look at that, I have a plan B for you in the following sentence:

If you need a professional copywriter who can stick to deadlines, multiply your revenue, and who’s a pretty R-A-D individual (if I can toot my own horn), then book a call with me here. We’ll have a quick chat—another thing AI can't do—to make sure we’re a good fit. And if we are? Well, at least you’ll be safe when AI takes over.

So grab a time here, and let’s find out.


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