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would your life change if you made an extra $25k from email this month (even with a TINY list)

Check this out:

I recently set up a new automation for one of my clients. It’s something I call a “VIP automation.” And no, unlike other types of VIP automations, mine doesn’t rely on offering discounts to your best customers—I come from the school of offering discounts is best used for new customers, not your best customers who have already shown you that they’re willing to pay full price. (Of course, this is exclusive to Ecom brands, if you have an infoproduct business, for example, then, well, there are other discounting strategies.)


I set this 8 email automation live last month, and within its first month, it generated an extra $25,783.27 in revenue for my client in its first month. This makes it, in terms of revenue, the most successful automation from the past 30 days.

Each email averaged $3,222 in revenue.

Best part?

It only went out to our VIP customers—a segment I created that includes less than 3,500 total customers.

Even better?

This is just the first “mission” of this VIP automation. I already enrolled everyone who completed this “mission” into the second “mission,” which is another set of 6-8 emails, and this second automation has already brought in $6,756.93 after a few days of being active.

Even better?

I have many more “missions” to send these VIP customers in. In fact, if we keep up this same pace, we may generate a hidden $100k-$200k in extra sales by the time this is finished. And I have other plans to enroll other segments into this behemoth automation too. While I don’t expect they’ll convert as this first group (lesson in there), they’ll still bring in revenue.

Which brings me to the point:

How would your life change if you made an extra $25k this month?

Could you pay off some bills that are sneaking up on you? Invest in a new stream of income? Take your family on an extravagant vacation? Decide to take a few days off to relax and catch up on books you’ve been putting off or shows your girl wants to watch?

Would you reinvest it in your business so by this time next year you’re making double what you are today?

In these emails, I often tell stories. Not only because they sell, but because I require myself to write a daily email, and stories are a cheat code for such.

And so, I often leave the benefits of working with me vague.

But these are the benefits:

Automations that work when you don’t. Campaigns that generate anywhere between $20k-$100k each month—again, without you even lifting a finger or typing a letter. Impact that reaches far and wide (and lands my clients as guests on podcasts). Freedom that comes from scaling your business to new heights, opening up an entire new world of possibilities for not only you and your team, but your family as well.

And you know what?

I’m still not even scratching the surface of all the benefits you get when you work with me.

Wanna get the ball rolling? Grab a time that works for you here.


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