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Why YouTube is the undisputed social media champion of the world

Yesterday, I received an email from one Ben Settle with the subject line:


“You’re in the boredom-killing business.”

Such is the approach I’ve always taken with my emails, my clients, and yes, my social media consumption.

That’s why I tell you interesting stories with lessons embedded inside rather than tweet out Money Twitter gar-bage akin to “make sure your emails have a subject and preview line, lolz!”

That’s why my clients generate as much as 57% of their revenue from email (without me even mailing daily, which is something I only do for the right price—and yes, this costs much more of an investment than my already outrageous fees).

And yes, that’s why YouTube is the undisputed social media champion of the world.

Lemme explain:

Money Twitter went the way of the MySpace. It started out as fun, with a bunch of killers spreading the good word. But it quickly mutated into a ghostwriter circle jerk where no platitude could be stated too many times.

The same hap’n’d with Facebook. Back when I was a chap, Facebook was the single best dating “app” on the market. Back in middle school, a lil ol’ player version of myself even was able to hold three “girlfriends” because of Facebook and because they went to different schools. (Note: I don’t condone this type of behavior, and this happened well over 15 years ago.)


Facebook is a breeding ground for political arguments with estranged members of your family you haven’t seen since those middle school days.

Instagram went from silly pictures to softcore porn.

And LinkedIn, well, LinkedIn has always been so terribly boring that actually making money or landing a job isn’t a good enough USP to keep people on their platform engaged.

Now, compare these social media sites to YouTube:

YouTube started out as silly home videos, and they recently just spent $2 billion for the rights to NFL’s Sunday Ticket for a year.

$2 billy for a year!

Plus, they have some of the most effective ads on any social media site. (And they even have dinosaur TV ads too…)

Not only has YouTube made people’s careers and businesses, but they may even be powerful enough to replace cable TV sooner rather than later.


I’ll tell you, cully:

YouTube is the most effective boredom-killing social media app in existence (without prying on your attention span like TikTok, devolving into political arguments with idiots like Facebook, or filling your feed with the same lame ass platitudes you’ve already seen 23 times today like Twitter).

Lots of copywriting implications here too.

But moral of the story?

Boredom is the death of the sale.

Your audience is looking at every possible moment for an antidote to their first-world boredom. You figure out how to cure their boredom while making a pitch, then, well, you’re gonna do just fine.

Which brings me to bidness:

Want to stop sending soul-sucking boring emails and instead try weird, but entertaining emails that overload your Klaviyo account with cheddar cheese?


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