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why writers should never be broke

Peanut and I checked out a comic book store after getting brunch yesterday.

This was our first time being in a “real” comic book store. They had thousands of comic books spanning decades. Some comic books only cost a few shekels. Other issues were well over $1,000.

And, it reminded me of perhaps the wisest advice Stan Lee once uttered.

Back when Stan was starting, before Marvel became the cultural icon it is today, Stan and his wife weren’t the best with money. They spent it foolishly, on stupid things instead “smarter” financial decisions like investing.

In other words: they lived paycheck to paycheck.

But this never bothered Stan.


Because Stan realized something all writers should realize:

Writers cannot be broke. They can always write more if they need cash money.

You see, Stan didn’t always wanna write. He had a life outside of comic book stories (which I’d argue helped him write better stories).

But if he was ever in a pinch and needed moolah yesterday?

He could whip out his handy fingers and tap away on a typewriter, making as much money as he needed to pay his bills.

So it is for any kind of writer.

And you know what?

Lemme expand on Stan Lee’s wise words…

This also applies to any kind of business — whether you’re a “writer” or not.

Have an unexpected medical bill that nearly bankrupts you? Turn it into an email promo and make it all back in a day.

Need extra money to develop a new product? Turn it into a fundraising campaign — and get the money you need before you build anything.

So on and so forth.

Now, of course this requires either being a skilled copywriter or knowing one…

Which, uh, you have access to the latter right here ;)


Book a Discovery Call here if you need a skilled copywriter to multiply your income by sending emails your list loves to read and buy from.


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