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Why subject lines don’t matter

Despite many-a email copywriter fapping to open rates and such:

Subject lines don’t matter.

I don’t care what your favorite guru tells you.

I mean… some of my zanies (and recent) subject lines include…

* pigs vs dogs (wtf does this even mean)

* well, about that… (fact checking yesterday’s email)

* Welp, it works til it doesn’t, SpongeBoy

None of these emails, on their own, mean much.

In fact, an email copywriter talking about pigs and dogs, Spongeboys, and fact checking seems like I’m stepping out of pocket.

Shouldn’t my emails only be about, well, email?


Because that would be boring, and nobody opens boring.

But there’s a trick to making subject lines unimportant…

You have to have a relationship with your list.

That relationship with your list will make even the most asinine subject lines (like pigs vs dogs) not only get opened but consumed.

Pewdiepie did this back in the day. He became so popular on YouTube that his titles didn’t matter in the same way subject lines don’t matter to people like Ben Settle, myself, and many of my clients.

When you command so much attention from your name alone, people will open almost everything you send. And they'll buy from it. And by keeping them on their proverbial toes, they’ll also never get bored.

Compare this to jabroni brands who only write subject lines like this:

* [Last chance] 50% off ends TODAY

* 👀did you see this DEAL (50% off today only)

* 🚨🚨F L A S H S A L E 🚨🚨 (today only)

These subject lines become more tired than Rip Van Winkle. They maim your sales. And they let your audience know that you only think of them as a one-night stand to make a quick buck and nothing more.

Moral of the story?

When you consistently send emails that your list likes to read and buy from, you never have to worry about subject lines again.

Need help doing this?

Hit reply, and let’s set up a quick call.


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