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why low open and click rates = more sales

If you’ve read my Profit First Emails book, then you know that I teach sending more emails around deadlines.

Almost an obnoxious amount of emails, in fact.

Especially compared to how few emails most brands send out.

Well, I ran a little challenge launch for a client this week.

I sent three emails on the final day before the deadline.

The last email I sent?

It got an impressive (/s) 7.36% open rate, which is pretty low.

And it got a 1.59% click rate, which is actually better than I suspected.

But you know what?

This measly little email boosted sales by 150% right before the deadline.

I’m not the only one who notices this phenomenon either.

Here’s a clip from a Ben Settle email — where one of his Email Players subscribers chimed in with this:

“One of those changes is sending a shit ton more emails, especially around deadlines and while my open rates and click rates may decline during those heavy volume times, our sales go through the roof.”

It ain’t just me, cully.

In fact, I even notice myself doing this when I buy large purchases via email:

When I open an email and the copy moves me and convinces me I need whatever they’re selling, I don’t always buy right away.

I open the email.

I read the email.

I make a mental note to myself.

And then I close the email and go back to the grind.

But I come back and buy it before the deadline hits.

I do this even when I’m not receiving an obnoxious amount of emails. But I also forget sometimes.

Hence, the reason for sending a bunch of emails before the deadline.

Urgency works.

And it ain’t that hard either.

Which brings up another point:

Don’t let vanity metrics fool you.

Many business owners see their open and click rates declining and anxiety sets in. They start freaking out. They slip into a scarcity mindset. And they foolishly think sending more emails would somehow hurt their business.

When you increase the volume, it’s natural for your opens and clicks to fall a little.

Which, in my humble (and correct) opinion, is a small price to pay for 150% more sales.


If you have a launch coming up and want to make it the most profitable one of your life…

Or if you just need some help sending consistent emails that make money, build a bond with your list, and can drive 30%, 50%, or even 69% of your monthly revenue…

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