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Why Kevin from The Office would make a great copywriter

I’m writing this on the day of my birth. You’re probably not reading it on my birthday, so you can save your happy birthday wishes. But my address is at the bottom of each email, so feel free to send me any gifts as you see fit.

(I’m only kinda joking…)

Anywho: it’s my birthday, and I’m feeling lazy.

So instead of an email, how about a meme from Kevin from The Office?

It may even help you write tighter copy:


The point?

You want your copy, emails, etc. to be like a women’s skirt (h/t to the great Ben Settle for the analogy):

Short enough to keep interest.

Long enough to cover the important parts.

In the spirit of Kevin’s wise words, I’m wrapping this diddy here.

Book a call here if you wanna make your revenue explode with email.


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