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Why debate shows can make you stinkin’, filthy rich

Skip Bayless and Steven A. Smith have been beefing over the popular and inaugural sports debate show, First Take.

Skip started the show in 2011. Then left to start another show with the same “gimmick” behind it. Skip’s new show is called Undisputed, and it’s on Fox Sports instead of ESPN.

And recently, Steven A (who’s still at ESPN) has been claiming on podcast shows that he “saved” First Take from failing.

Either way, that ain’t the point of this bad boy.

Here is the point:

Sports debate shows changed the way sports shows worked.

Skip claimed that in 2011 (before Steven A joined), First Take dominated all the ratings on ESPN, even beating out Sportscenter (which, if my memory serves me, is before ESPN went all superwoke and unwatchable).

After starting First Take, Skip went on to start Undisputed, which played an important role in the success of Fox Sports as a company.

First Take still exists too last time I checked. (Don’t quote me on that, ESPN is unwatchable, and I don’t watch a ton of sports or sports shows.)

And y’know what?

There was even a hip-hop YouTube show, starring DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden, which had the same debate gimmick behind it.

So why are debate shows so popular?

Here’s the secret:

They’re oozing with drama and controversy!

Which, when applied to your copy, makes a dramatic impact in the result of your email campaigns.

To an extent, it’s the same secret which makes reality TV shows one of the most popular genres.

People love drama.

And if you figure out how to give it to them?

Not only will they open every single email you send, but they’ll devour your content until they “burp up” a sale for your business.

Very powerful stuff, indeed.

If’n you need an email copywriter who can turn your drama up to 11—and make an absurd amount of sales in the process—book a call here.

And as long as you have a proven offer and a list, we’ll hop on a quick call to see if working together makes sense. (And cents, ya know what I mean!)


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