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Why blundering mistakes drown you in spoils

Making blundering mistakes terrifies most people.

It’s something society brainwashes us with from an early age. Our parents punished us, our teachers gave us bad grades, and bad bosses yelled at us for our mistakes.

But this is a psyop.


Failure is often the best teacher.

But there’s something even more profitable in the short term:

Blundering mistakes drown you in spoils.

Check out this story:

Howard Stern recently made one of these “blundering” mistakes on his radio show. When the show cut to commercials, they “accidentally” left on their mics. And you can hear Howard Stern announcing he’s going to be in the new Dr. Doom/Fantastic Four movie on the hot mic.

Did he do it on purpose?

Yeah, there’s a good chance. Hot mics happen, yes, but rarely do they happen when the host announces something this big.

In truth… Stern did this on purpose.


Because he’s the master at getting people to talk about him.

Or another example:

Shane Hunter (one of my favorite modern day copywriters) sent out an email with the subject line:


It’s consult — with a perfectly fitting typo.

Of course he did this on purpose. Because using typos in your subject line is a trig ol’ trick, indeed.

Not only does it “shock” people into opening… but it also makes the midwits reply telling you that you misspelled a word in your subject line, which is great for email deliverability. (Google and Yahoo and other email providers love it when people reply to your emails.)

Email marketers use this trick to their advantage in other situations too…

Like “accidentally” sending the wrong link, so they can send a follow-up email after with the right link.

Or when they “accidentally” extend sales, so they can make their promos more profitable.

Many such cases of using blundering mistakes to grow your empire.

But here’s the catch:

You gotta let yourself make mistakes.

If you’re too worried about what other mfs think of you… you’ll never profit from either intentional or accidental mistakes.

Just sum thought for food.


If you wanna profit from making intentional mistakes (without feeling like a loser or having your audience lose trust in you), book a discovery call here.

It’s one of the several ways we can unlock 20%, 30%, or even 69% more revenue from your emails.

Now, before I dismiss you to your day, let me give you a warning:

Going overboard with intentional mistakes will make your best customers hate your guts. Don’t use this “trick” in every email. It’s best used sparingly, capisce?


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