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why Ben Settle writes about me in his emails (and why he doesn’t write about you)

Over the weekend—at the time of me sitting down and writing this—the forever goated Ben Settle, the undisputed king of email marketing who has taught my generation everything they know about email, wrote about yours truly.


Well, unlike the Twitter Email “Gurus,” those with a large amount of followers but are the same mfs to reach out via cold email to my clients (in which my client forwards me to chuckle at you), I don’t endlessly reply to every single one of Ben’s tweet looking for free advice.

Instead, I buy Ben’s products, study them, then implement them ruthlessly.

This is one of the many reasons why I don’t respect these “email copywritoooooors” on Twitter with 30k followers who I know are guilty of what I accused above.

I’ve been an Email Players for damn near 4 years now. I’ve purchased a bunch of elBenbo’s books and used them, then chucked a review over to him after getting results from his “wicked ways.” And Ben has used my reviews several times to promote his stuff.

Long story short:

This wasn’t the first time Ben wrote about yours truly. It won’t be the last time either.

And yet…

I know many people still get duped by these fakers on Twitter with massive followers who reply to almost all of Ben’s tweets hoping to extract some free advice for their “engagement.”

Here’s the deal:

You can either copy these mfs, build a massive following on social media, and still aren’t able to deliver good results for their clients.

Or you can hit reply, hop on a call with an actual pro (me), and never have to worry about a Twitter influencer scamming you.

(For those on my list interested in learning how to write better copy: Stay here, and don’t even log onto Twitter, where these are a bunch of scam artists with absurdly high follower counts who tweet out things like “make sure your emails have a subject line.” Don’t worry, Daddy won’t let you go down the wrong path.)


Y’know what’s funny?

Ben’s written about me around 3 times in the past couple of years, if my memory serves me correctly. And each time, I hear about it from another Email Players subscriber before I read Ben’s email. Goes to show what real influence can do…

Moral of the story?

Book a call if you’re ready to actually grow your influence, your bank account, and your impact through email.


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