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What to do when you cant rite copy

True story:

A couple of days ago, my brain broke.

I couldn’t write good copy to save my sweet lil life. (And I don’t mean I had writer’s bl0ck, a phenomenon which simply doesn’t exist. I could write, I just couldn’t get these magic fingers of mine to pump out anything good.)


I’m not sure the exact reason, but I got poor sleep the night before, had a to-do list a mountain long, and put extra pressure on myself to get copy done before deadlines hit.

The result?

I wrote perhaps the worst copy of recent.

In fact, I was so disgruntled with my copy that I decided to quit early.

And when I quit, I relaxed.

I took a nap.

I went for a walk (the weather’s just starting to get nice again in Ohio as I write this).

And I watched mindless sports YouTube videos and enjoyed the rest of my day.

In other words, instead of working on copy, I procrastinated!

And, boy oh boy, was this a fantastic decision if I can pay myself on the back here, which 0f course I can because I can do whatever I’d like in these emails.

I didn’t partake in “active rest,” which in Copyland means reading.

I didn’t go for a walk and come back to my computer with fresh eyes.

No, I procrastinated.

And you know what?

The next day my brain buzzed with ideas.

I went back and edited all the miserable copy I wrote the previous day and made it leagues better by comparison.

(Lesson in there)

And I banged out a lot of killer copy that next day, after quitting much earlier than I would’ve if my brain worked.

Moral of the story?

Procrastination—and I mean real procrastination—can sometimes be great for your writing. Sometimes it’s a sign from your brain that it needs a little rest.

That said, procrastination can also be the deadliest thing to happen to your business’s hopes and dreams. So the trick here is being able to decipher when you need procrastination or when its menacing voice is just trying to persuade you to give up on your hopes and dreams.

It ain’t easy to tell the difference between them.

But if you can figure out how to do that?

Well, you could just harness the (sometimes)incredible power of procrastination to make you more productive, impactful, and yes, wealthier.


If you’re feeling particularly open to procrastinating today, but got emails you need to send out, let me lend a helping hand:

Hit reply, and let’s hop on a quick call, and I’ll take over all your email stuff. You won’t even have to think about it anymore.

Best part?

I’m positive my emails will also crank up the revenue you make from email.


If’n you’re interested, book a call here, and let’s start this party sooner rather than later.


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