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what to do when 💩 hits the fan

The past 27 hours have been one of the WORST days of my life.

Here’s why:

One of my clients decided to invite two international experts to her neck of the woods to host an in-person workshop for her clients and fans.

This meant that I had to write a sales letter for it… and I did.

But then, 💩 hit the fan…

Y’see, the main expert of this workshop—and the more interesting one, which I based my entire sales letter on—can’t make it anymore. His mother fell gravely ill, and he has to stay in his home country with her instead of traveling across the world for this workshop.

He let my client know as last minute as possible… and I can’t blame him for skipping out because of the situation he’s in.

Yet, it’s made my life a LIVING HELL.

Yesterday, I met with my client in the morning.

Then, I had to write an entire new sales page based on a completely different workshop since the main expert canceled.

My misery doesn't stop there…

Next, I had to upload my entire sales page into Clickfunnels and make sure everything functioned properly. My client typically works with a VA, but he’s slow and unreliable, so I had to do his job.

Then, this morning I was supposed to meet with said client. I loaded Clickfunnels to make sure everything looked as good as it did yesterday…

Annnnnnnnnnd only HALF of the edits I made yesterday saved, despite me saving the funnel multiple times before calling it a day yesterday.

This bled into all my other client work too because this had to take my #1 priority, and it took me all day yesterday (and two mf hours today) to finish it.

Moral of the story?

I’m not sure if there is one. I just needed to vent.

Luckily, in the near 4 years of running my business, stuff like this doesn’t happen much. And when it does, I can put out these fires for you.

Because here’s the truth:

My client would’ve been SCREWED if she wasn’t working with me.

The event is in a few weeks time. The sales letter just went live today (when it should’ve been live last month). And when I send emails promoting this offer, we’ll make the best of the situation as we can.

Yes, of course, there was more opportunity with the first iteration of the event. The expert whose mom is deathly sick teaches an incredibly interesting, little-known, and wildly effective way to think about nutrition and implement life-saving nutrition techniques.

But it would’ve been much worse had she not been able to rely on me to do all I’ve done for her the past 27 hours.

Need someone like this on your team?

Hit reply, and let’s chat.


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