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wearing blackface in public

Mesuspects this one might offend any mollycoddles lurking in my list.

And if that’s you, I wish you good riddance.

For everyone else?

You might just discover the one trick that can make you millions, mayhap even billions (with the way inflation’s going), over the course of your career.

Let’s leap in:

One of my favorite shows is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It’s my go-to for late night TV when I’m relaxing at night.

Well, the other day, my girl and I were scrolling through Hulu looking for an episode to watch… and we discovered that several episodes disappeared.

I figured it was because of some PC BS — Always Sunny is one of the most “offensive” comedies out there.

And, per usual, your humble narrator was correcto.

Turns out, Hulu banned everything depicting blackface. (Which is unfortunate because I’ve been dying to rewatch Tropic Thunder.)

But it made me realize something:

Many people wear “blackface” in public, i.e. on their social media channels.

Now, I don’t mean literal Justin Trudeau blackface.

Rather, I mean that they say “offensive” stuff that could upset our mighty overlords in Big Tech and make them drop the ban hammer on you.

That’s why I started this email with the absurd claim that this trick can potentially make you billions over the course of your career. That is possible, in my humble opinion because of one reason in particular:

You *own* your email list. You don’t *own* your social media followers.

That’s why you should get into the habit of promoting your email list on your social media channels.

Because these mfs could ban you for a tweet you said a decade ago. And there’s no hope of getting back on.

Overnight you lose all your fans — whether you have 5, 500, or 50,ooo.

That ain’t the case with email.

Even if your ESP bans you, you can still export your list and import it somewhere else.

Not to mention, email trumps social media (no pun intended lol) when it comes to making sales every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Build your email list. And thank me later.

Now, building your email list is only half the battle.

If you’re not consistently sending emails, you’re better off not building your list. (A dead list ain’t worth diddly.)

So if’n you need help sending consistent, entertaining, and profitable emails, grab a time that works for you here. If you have a proven offer, we might just be able to make enough moolah to end Big Tech for good.

(Okay, that’s probably unrealistic, but it’s possible?)

If you don’t have an offer or list, I’ll send you a fat check for every client you refer me as long as you're on my email list.

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