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we’re getting BOMBARDED by customers

So check this out:

The other day, I sent a ballsy email for one of my clients.

And now it’s causing quite the ruckus in his inbox.

Here’s the sitch:

We were chatting on the phone a week ago, and checking out some segments in the email software we use.

And there was one segment in particular:

Never purchased anything ever.

And we thought… why not “force” these folks to make a decision:

Unsubscribe or buy.

And, boy, it’s like a nuclear warhead landed in his inbox. Then, a tornado came in to make a bigger mess of things.

He’s been getting loads of good replies:

“We’ve been customers for ages and love every newsletter you send. Please don’t make us unsubscribe.”

“Don't really like being forced to buy something or be unsubscribed. :-(“

“Thank you for the great articles which I've always enjoyed and learned from.”

“I’ve been a customer I just use a different email address when I buy”

And a bunch more like this.

In other words…

These customers (or non-customers rather) are begging us to keep them subscribed.

That’s the type of positioning most brands would kill for, do it please ya.

I’m sure a bunch of people have unsubscribed too. I haven’t checked since my client started forwarding me the messages he’s getting. And I wish them good riddance. But if you ain’t gonna buy anything and don’t like our content, no need to stick around and make us pay our email software more moolah for no reason.

And, there hasn’t been a ton of confusion among customers either. Some people had duplicate emails and purchased using another one.

But you know what?

The real reason I’m pumped about this campaign?

Receiving so many replies to emails helps your email deliverability.

So all these beggars asking us to keep them subscribed are gonna help us make more money from our engaged list.

And another point:

We’re “conditioning” our list to become buyers.

Try one of these campaigns this week and lemme know how it does.

(Note: this was not an automated winback campaign, though we’ll probably look to automate it after a certain period of time at some point… to help supplement our automated winback sequence.)

Alrighty, I’ll leave you with this:

If you wanna cause havoc for your list like this (and watch the money roll in while ya do), book a Discovery Call here.

If you have a proven offer and a list, we can make some magic happen.

Or you can refer a new client to me and I’ll send you a one-time 50% commission. (But only if you're on my email list... and you have to figure it out on your own. There's forms all over this site.)

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